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Not in the area for an in-person lesson? No problem. Purchase an Online Lesson, then submit face-on and down-the-line videos to Travis Fulton to receive virtual, detailed, voiceover feedback on your golf swing with a step-by-step roadmap for how to improve your golf swing. Online Lessons are available in single or five-lesson packs.

Whether you’ve never taken a golf lesson before, or you’re a seasoned veteran on the driving range with your club pro, Online Lessons can be greatly beneficial for you and your golf game. Your golf coach, in this case Travis, is knowledgeable in all aspects of the game of golf, and can help speed up the learning process and make the game more enjoyable. Travis will help you break things down into manageable terms, and give you a step-by-step roadmap for how to improve your golf game from the comfort of your driving range or backyard with a few clicks on your smartphone!

Practice in between lessons! As simple as this sounds, many golfers don’t practice in between lessons. But this is an integral part of “fixing” the things you and Travis will work on in your golf swing. Practice the moves on the driving range, golf course, or even at home… Just get some reps in!

If you’re dabbling in the Training Program, golf betting/DFS, and podcast space, the Blue Membership is where to start. But if you are going to buy the Training Program Bundle, an Online Lesson, and would like expert betting/DFS picks for 25 PGA Tour events, exclusive Stripe Show Podcast content, 20% off any more Online Lessons and Training Programs, and even more, then the Green Membership is the best deal!

Yes! Travis gives In-Person Lessons at Jacksonville Golf & Country Club and his in-door studio in Ponte Vedra, FL. – if you’re in the area, or traveling through, would love to meet you and give you a lesson.


The Stripe Show Podcast is one-on-one discussions with the top coaches, players, analysts, and personalities in the game of golf. From PGA Tour coaches, to PGA Tour players, to the analysts you see on TV calling golf every week – Travis gets the best guests out there!

Once a month Travis posts a podcast where he sits down with a top coach and they discuss coaches top students on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. This is truly one-of-a-kind content allowing members only to watch & listen to what these players work on how.


Travis Fulton Golf’s Online Training Programs are a great and affordable way to work on your golf game at your own pace. With no in-person lessons needed, all programs consist of 10 short, on-demand videos you can watch at your own pace! Great Information. Right Order.

The five Training Programs are: Total Driving, Operation Baby Draw, Operation Drip Fade, 150 Yards & In, and Strokes Gained: Around the Green.

If you feel you could improve in multiple areas in your game, the Bundle is the best “bang for your buck” while working on improvements through all 14 clubs in the bag. The Bundle of all 5 Training Programs includes: Total Driving, Baby Draw Ball Flight, Power Fade Ball Flight, 150 Yards & In, and Strokes Gained: Around the Green.

First, look at the list of Training Programs and decide what you can commit to working on – And remember to watch the videos in order!

If you want more distance and accuracy off the tee, check out Total Driving. If you are slicing it and/or have a steep swing, take a look at Operation Baby Draw. If you are hooking it or just want to play a fade, take a look at Operation Drip Fade. If your short irons need some love, maybe 150 Yards & In is up your alley. And everyone can work on Strokes Gained: Around the Green to save those all important strokes.

Yes! We have many more Training Programs up our sleeve for release in the future including Power Package, Putting Tool Box and more.. Stay tuned.

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