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Blue Membership – Monthly

$19.99 / month

  • Includes your choice of 3 training programs
  • One on-line lesson
  • Access to exclusive Stripe Show mini podcasts with top teachers & players
  • 20% off all additional online lesson packages & training programs
  • Monthly Giveaways

Pick three training programs to include with your Blue membership:

Operation Baby Draw

Series of 10, on-demand videos that help you get rid of that slice and draw the golf ball once and for all. If you struggle with an out-to-in path and/or steepness in the swing, this program is for you. This is such an important training program for most amateurs because in order to maximize your development/skill,  at some point I feel you need to learn how to draw the ball through the bag.

Operation Drip Fade

Series of 10 on-demand videos that will help you dial in a power fade. If you struggle with a nasty hook or a weak fade, this program will teach you the steps to a more reliable & powerful fade ball flight. Really proud of this program and feel will speak to those who want to play a reliable power fade through the bag.

Total Driving Program

Step-by-Step approach starting with the set-up and building an efficient backswing, downswing, impact and finish position,  Follow along at home first learning the movements and then it take to the golf course. If you struggle with your driver regarding distance and/or accuracy, it’s time to kick your training up a notch with the Total Driving program.

Strokes Gained Short Game

A series of 10, on-demand videos to help you build a strong foundation of various shots around the greens. If you struggle with your short game this is a great way to learn how to get back on track and save strokes around the greens. Learn how to utilize different clubs and dial in distance control to save those all important strokes.